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The Doupiani, where the Byzantine church of the Life Giving Source. The first monastic community with primary organization was the Cloister of Doupiani or drop that was founded by the monk Nile. Centered on the Temple cult of the Virgin Mary, was the Lord” of the cloister. The church is located just below the Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapafsas.

The monks who lived isolated from the rest of the week in surrounding rocks and prayed and lay awake, alone, began to gather every Sunday to celebrate the Liturgy and worship their God in the temple of Doupiani. The only building that survives today is the Temple. But it was the first impetus for the flourishing of monasticism in Meteora.

The region of Bantova

The region where its Bantova the monastery of St. Nicholas, St. Anthony and Chapel of Our Lady. In the 15th century. It was probably the church of St. Nicholas Bantova Kofinas, or carved into he rock cave in the ravine that separates Kastraki from Kalambaka. The church was accepted by many subsequent interventions was probably hermitage. In the same ravine at the Church of St.. Antoniou and J. M. St. Gregory.

The Church of the Assumption

The church of the Assumption is a three-aisle basilica ending in three apses eastward. The nave is elevated. The aisles are separated by alternating pillars and columns, while esonarthex communicates with the central aisle through trivilou opening. The exonarthex is later.