Meteora is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the unique beauty of Meteora and learn the history and culture of the region, participate in enjoyable and well organized activities. Browse the site and learn what you can do at Meteora. Choose the one that suits you and make your stay a great life experience that you will never forget.

Hiking to Meteora

Walk among the magical rocks of Meteora and enjoy unique view and landscapes that you will never forget.

Climbing Meteora Rocks

Meteora is one of the best climbing areas in the world. Climb the rocks of Meteora and touch the sky!

Meteora Caves

Rafting Venetiko River

A beautiful path rafting on the river Venetiko starting from the bridge between the villages Trikomo – Monachiti. A descent rafting with inflatable boat in a stunning river rich in fauna and flora. The route becomes more striking when we meet the four stone 16th and 17th century wells which dominate the beautiful landscape and joining the river.

Horse Riding in the Mountainous Villages

In Pertouli meadows which are located 7 km from Elati, the ecotourism agencies give the opportunity to the guests to ride horses and wander in the woods. It is possible to do an all day walk in the Pertouli meadows and the surrounding mountains.

Greek Adventure

Visit Meteora

Pertouli Sport Center

Casa di Calo